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  • Q2C(a low form)

    Product Overview

    Q2C(a low form)
    Q2C(a low form)
    Q2C(a low form)
    Q2C(a low form)

    A low-floor type that can be installed where the height between the floor slab and the finishing material is between 40~70mm. Very suitable as a double flooring material when remodeling a building with a low floor height and building a wire management system in a new building. Very easy to install and change the layout and cables and wires.

    Product Feature

    MODEL Q2C note
    Size (㎜) 165×165 / 165×332
    Panel Weight -
    Material Finishing Material OA tiles, Carpet tiles etc.
    CORE -
    Reverse Side steel Zinc Plating
    Internal Pressure Resistance 300kgf Under Load
    less than 4㎜
    KS standard
    Minimum Height FFH=40, 50, 70